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Morne des Cadets,
97 250 Fonds-Saint-Denis,

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Tel: (001)596.696.37.96.74 or (011) 596.596.55.83.30
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Fonds-Saint-Denis is classified as one of Martinique’s most flowery towns, with a church, cemetery, city hall, a post office, a dispensary and the initiative trade union. At only 2 Km of the Hameau, the town’s center is also home to two restaurants much appreciated by visitors and locals: Chez Felicien and Chez Chantalou. The grocery store Chez Alexandrine will allow you to buy all the necessary food supplies without going in a bigger town like Saint-Pierre or the Carbet. In the morning you can get a newspaper, milk, fresh bread and jam in case you missed the bread truck which passes at 7 am at the lodge. Just across the grocery store, you will find a bus stop where one comes approximately every 20 minutes to bring you in the town of Saint-Pierre.

The hameau du Morne des Cadets will give you a warm welcome. It is good to know that just on top of Saint-Pierre is a beautiful little town facing the Montagne Pelée where it is great to stroll while sipping on some lemonade, a ti-punch or a planter’s punch, to talk with the local inhabitants or simply to go on one of the many excursions that the tropical forest has to offer such as the Slave’s canal ( 7,5 km), Morne Vert – Fonds Saint Denis ( 10 km), the Saut Gendarme waterfall (extra for swimming and picnics), and of course the magnificent walk from the Hameau to the town’s center on a steep road that will charm all hiking lovers. To get there it’s easy since you’re going down the hill but to return…good leg exercise assured!

How to get there from the Aime Cesaire airport

We are located on the Morne des Cadets in the town of Fonds Saint-Denis, 60 min. north of the airport. To get there you must get on the N6 in the Fort-de-France direction then the N2 that goes along the Caribbean coast. In Saint-Pierre, just as you arrive in the town’s center, on the right side, you will see directions for D1 Fond Saint-Denis. Take that direction. The road is then uphill until you reach the village. Once you have reached Fonds Saint-Denis, between the two restaurants Chez Felicien and Chez Chantalou, turn right on a steep road and drive in direction of the Observatoire du Morne des Cadets. 50 m. after the observatory, on the right side, you will see three orange rooftops.

And you are finally there! You will see that the view of the Montagne Pelée is breathtaking...

Beaches : 15 mins away by car is the Anse Turin in the town of Carbet. 25 minutes away by car is the beach of Anse Ceron and 30 minutes away is the Anse Couleuvre.

City Centers : Saint-Pierre and the Carbet are just a 15 minutes ride from the Hameau. The capital Fort-de-France is 45 minutes away.

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How to get there from Quebec

If you are in the province of Quebec, the wholesaler Vacances Tours Mont-Royal has been commercializing the Hameau des Morne des Cadets for now eight years.  For more information on our packages, please ask your travel agent about it.