The Hameau’s team
The Owner

The agriculturist Tonton Leon (uncle Leon in french) continues the family tradition in his own way.  A creole garden defendant just like his father who relied on the lunar cycle to plant, tonton Leon became a few years ago Martinique’s first bio cultivator. His farm has received the EcoCert label. From his contagious and prolific passion was born his desire to work in tourism. Soon after he became the first to initiate an agrotourism program on the island ( a combination of basic tourism and agriculture in an eco-friendly environment). His implication as vice president  of the «La bio des Antilles» association keeps him up to date on all the worldwide innovations in this field. Passionate for his heritage and culture, he will guide you with enthusiasm in the heart of the reel and authentic Martinique.

His family

Arlette, his wife, Monique and Louise, his sisters, will make you discover, around a rustic table in the heart of nature, a variety of local fresh products transformed directly from the soil to your plate. With a bit of luck you will meet his three daughters: Glawdys, Gwenoelle et Olivia.

His employees

Maurice, Rene, Jocelyn, Albert… are qualified professionals in agriculture, music, dance, performing arts and hiking who will help you indulge occasionally or on demand into Martinique’s culture and traditions, the beauty of the scenery while hiking or simply while sitting on the terrace with a ti-punch.

Visit Le hameau des Mornes des Cadets in images here!

What makes us different…

* A breathtaking panorama of the sea and the Montagne Pelée.
* A peaceful haven nested in the mountainous town of Fonds Saint-Denis.
* Organic cultivation in the heart of a luxuriant flora.
* A table d’hôte with plenty of fresh products from the farm.
* Exotic fresh fruits straight from the farm.
* Located in the heart of an important hiking paths network.
* Not far from a string of pretty little beaches on the Caribbean sea.
* An authentic and cordial family.
* Comfortable and well decorated creole style lodges.

Ten actions at le Hameau du Morne des Cadets for the safeguarding of the environment

1. Heated solar water
2. Changes of bed linen and towels on request only
3. Using towels medium size rather than large as faster drying
4. Use small bars of soap or soap diffuser in the bathroom
5. The remaining table used to feed animals
6. Plastic bottles are reused to make ice
7. Recycling glass bottles
8. Integration of coal in the septic tank for sewage treatment
9. Grass clippings are recycled to fertilize the fields before planting
10. Rainwater is collected for watering greenhouse vegetable